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Product test participation conditions

The product test is carried out by NOVATEX GmbH, Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 14, 30982 Pattensen.

Applying for and participating in a product test carried out by us does not carry any duty to participate in further product tests. Participation in product tests is free.

The ‘Seeking product tester’ campaign has no connection to Facebook, and is neither organised nor sponsored or otherwise by Facebook.

The following participation conditions apply when sending an application.

1 Applying for participation in product tests

1.1 In order to apply for participation in a product test, each individual person must be at least 18 years old, and resident in Germany.

1.2 Applications for product tests must be sent within the deadline stated on the campaign page for the product test. Electronically monitoring receipt of the applications helps to ensure the deadline period is adhered to. Entries received after this deadline has expired will not be considered when selecting testers.

1.3 Applying for product tests must exclusively be done in accordance with the campaign page. Any applications completed otherwise will not be considered.

1.4 Employees of NOVATEX GmbH, as well as its subsidiaries, and their relatives are excluded from participation.

1.5 In order to apply for product tests, all correct personal information must be provided. Breach of this duty may lead to disqualification of the applicant.

1.6 Each applicant may only apply once for the product test. Multiple applications will not be considered. Participation via competition mergers or similar institutions will also not be accepted.

1.7 NOVATEX GmbH reserves the right to change the participation conditions or the running time of the competition without prior notice, or to stop or interrupt the product test campaign if these cannot be carried out for technical, legal or other reasons.

1.8. Legal action is excluded.

1.9. You have the right to withdraw from the product test at any time without giving your reasons. A written message via Facebook or by email to is enough. In the instance of a withdrawal, NOVATEX GmbH reserves the right to publish the product to be tested.

2 Personal details

2.1 Personal details are only used for the purposes of the product test. You agree for your test results to be published with a given first name and shortened surname (e.g. Max M.).

2.2 Your personal data will only be forwarded to third parties if you have previously given express consent.

2.3. This approval can be revoked at any time by letter or by email to

3 Selection of testers

3.1 NOVATEX GmbH reserves the right to select testers. There is neither a claim to participation in a product test nor a transfer of the test product. There are frequently more interested parties in product tests than there are available products to be tested.

3.2 The selected testers are informed via a Facebook message, which asks them to register within the stated deadline period. Should the selected tester not register within the stated deadline period, they will not be able to participate in the test campaign, and a new tester will be determined.

3.3 The product package will be sent to the address after an announcement has been made. The test package contains the following product: 1 Dentistar product. The claim to winnings is not transferable. Cash payment from the product test is excluded.

3.4 Should any of these participation conditions be breached, NOVATEX GmbH reserves the right to exclude persons from competitions. Persons who make use of unauthorised help, or otherwise gain advantage through manipulation will also be excluded.

3.5 Selected testers have no right to their selected theme. Themes are sent out depending on availability.

3.6 NOVATEX GmbH reserves the right to recall the evaluation, by email or by Facebook message, before the end of the 3-week test stage.

3.7 The product package will be sent by post to the address given. Should the initial delivery attempt fail (e.g. if an incorrect address is entered), NOVATEX GmbH reserves the right to exclude the product tester from the product test.

4 Obligations of participants

4.1. Participation in the product test is unpaid.

4.2. The selected tester is obliged to actively participate in the test, whereby you will test the available test product free of charge, and answer the test questions truthfully within the stated deadline period. In addition, a freely formulated evaluation must be submitted within the deadline period.

4.3. The evaluation should be submitted by email to:

4.4. You will only be granted ownership of the test product after your evaluation has been returned by the deadline. Should the test result not be sent back by the deadline, or not be sent back at all, NOVATEX GmbH reserves the right to request for the test product to be returned. NOVATEX GmbH will not accept any liability for the product to be tested.

4.5 Test products which the tester receives as part of a product test represent samples which are unavailable to purchase. It is advised that the sale of this product may be a breach of ownership rights if the test product is not authorised for further distribution.