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For the most beautiful smile

Dentistar stands for the good feeling of being in the best possible care. With our products, we focus on premium quality with added medical value. For a healthy and safe development - and even more fun in life!


For the most beautiful smile

Dental health starts with our unique pacifier. It is the world’s first with a patented dental step and the only one with an award from “Toothfreindly Association”. The Dentistar was developed in close cooperation with orthodontists. A 27-month clinical study proves its effectiveness.

Dentistar Schnuller

Sweet dreams are made of this

In addition to day pacifiers, our combo pack also contains night pacifiers. They are the ideal companions at night, because their plugs glow. This makes them easy to find even in the dark. Due to the anatomically shaped suction parts, they support the natural development of the milk teeth during sleep.

Produkt Linie Nacht Schnuller

Bye-bye pacifier

At some point, the time comes to say goodbye to the beloved pacifier. Since experience shows that this is a big step for most children, the Dentistar STOPPi® helps professionally and gently. The STOPPi® is used like a normal pacifier. But it belongs in front of the teeth – that is, between the lips and the row of teeth! The rear bite blocks make it fit perfectly in the mouth.

Produkt Linie Stoppi

An invitation to bite into

Our teething aids make teething easier for babies. Because they support the breaking through of the gums and massage them. This helps relieve pain and provides play and distraction. Our Hugstar as well as our teething stars, which are available in a classy way, a luminous night version and with a cooling function, are particularly handy for grasping, holding and promoting motor skills.

Dentistar Beißstern

For little foodies

Healthy nutrition is also essential for the development of the little ones – and this starts with the choice of the rHealthy nutrition is also essential for the development of the little ones – and this starts with the choice of the right accessories. That’s why we have developed a wide range of products to help babies slowly transition to independent drinking and complementary feeding. This way, children can be introduced to solid food carefully and without the risk of choking.

Produkt Linie Essen & Trinken

Clear thing

Our care products enable gentle oral care even before the first little teeth are there. The better the mouth is cleaned in babyhood, the more effectively the first teeth are protected from later damage. Our fingerling, the tooth gel and our mouth and tooth care sets accompany the little ones from the beginning until they can brush their teeth independently.

Produkt Linie Pflege

And that is not all

One thing is for sure: there is never a dull moment with babies! To offer the little ones even more, we are always expanding our product range. In addition to our sterilizer box, the UV sterilizer and our practical pacifier band, we currently also have environmentally friendly fabric masks and of course our rattling, cuddly soft motor ball in our range.

Dentistar Motorikball

Made with love in Germany

USP Made in Germany

We are a German family business with a lot of heart and experience. With our products we want to make life easier for babies and parents. Our focus is on the highest quality and pollutant-free materials.

To please teeth and eyes

USP Nacht Schnuller

We want to make life for families not only easier, but also more colorful. That’s why our designs are inspired by the joy of life of little ones and focus on bright colors, modern shapes and cute patterns. And we think one step further: Have you already seen our practical night pacifiers that glow in the dark?

For the next generation

USP Plastic Free

We are aware of our responsibility towards babies and families. That’s why we are thinking about tomorrow today and are eliminating plastic from all our packaging as far as possible.

With the highest standards to ourselves

USP Unser Anspruch

At Dentistar, we develop products that offer added medical value. For example, in close cooperation with leading dentists, we have succeeded in developing a new type of pacifier with a tooth-friendly dental step. This reduces the distance between the upper and lower incisors. This reduces the risk of an open bite and enables healthy jaw and tooth development.

Studie Universität Witten Herdecke

Long-term study by the University of Witten/Herdecke

Does the Dentistar really help to prevent dental malocclusions? This was investigated in a long-term study conducted by the University of Witten/Herdecke under the direction of Prof. Zimmer. The results of the study are impressive: While an open bite was found in every second child with conventional teats, this only occurred in 7% of children having used the Dentistar teats.

Fachzahnarzt Prof. Dr. Rolf Hinz

Our expert: Prof. Dr. Rolf Hinz

For Prof. Dr. Rolf Hinz, working with children has always been a central focus. Fascinated by the possibilities of dental prophylaxis, early orthodontic treatment and prevention became the focus of his work. In addition to various activities as a scientist, entrepreneur, orthodontist and university lecturer, he is also active as a publisher and specialist book author. Two of his works are “Milk teeth – from little tooth to tooth” and “Children’s teeth”.
Today he is a specialist dentist for orthodontics and works as an orthodontist in his practice “Prof. Hinz & Partner” in Herne, Germany.

Aktion Zahn-freundlich e. V.

Tested to be toothfriendly

The “Toothfriendly Association was founded in 1985 and is an association of scientists, doctors, dentists, nutritionists, journalists, private individuals and commercial enterprises. Its aim is to educate people about the links between dental health and nutrition. The awarding of tested products with the internationally protected trademark “Tooth Man with Umbrella” provides guidance in the selection of “sugar-free” goods.

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Your child's best friend!

Babies have a natural need to suckle from birth, because it gives them a sense of security and calms them down in anxious moments. During breastfeeding, this need is satisfied in a natural way. To make your baby feel comfortable outside of breastfeeding times, you can give a pacifier if necessary.
However, the selection of pacifier shapes, different materials and their various properties may not make it easy for you as a parent to make the right choice. Often there are also questions and uncertainties: Does my baby really need a pacifier? And what effects does a pacifier have on jaw development? On this page, you will find useful tips on the correct use of pacifiers to make it easier for you to choose the right one.

Does my child even need a pacifier?

Pacifier yes, or no? Opinions differ widely here. Some advice against the use of a pacifier on principle. Others, on the other hand, often leave the pacifier to their child as a permanent pacifier. When pacifying, it is important that the pacifier is used in a targeted manner. It is a good aid for calming, comforting or putting the child to sleep. However, we advise against using the pacifier for continuous sucking, because this increases the risk of dental malocclusions later on. The rule here is: as much as necessary, but as little as possible! However, if your child wants to suck, a pacifier is more suitable than the thumb, because it can be used selectively, exerts less pressure on the jaw and teeth and is also easier to wean off.

Matter of taste: silicone or latex?

Pacifiers come in two different absorbent part materials: latex and silicone. Both materials have proven themselves over the years, but have different properties. The following comparison provides a brief overview.

Silicone is a man-made material that is often used in medical technology. It is transparent and clear, odorless, tasteless and free of allergens. It is very temperature resistant and can therefore be boiled and disinfected very often without the material changing. Environmental influences such as sunlight and heat also have hardly any effect on the material.

However, silicone is less soft and elastic than latex – babies who tend to bite the absorbent part could damage it with their pointed and sharp little teeth. Latex is a natural product and is recognizable by its yellowish hue. It has an odor and taste typical of latex. Latex is a very durable material with a particularly high elasticity and tear resistance, making it very soft and bite-resistant. Pacifiers with latex suction parts are very suitable for children with teething, who tend to bite on the suction part.

But because it is a natural product, babies could develop an allergy. If parents already have allergies, a pacifier with a silicone teat would be a better choice. However, latex ages over time due to use, storage and boiling. Direct sunlight and heat do not like latex soothers at all, as this can accelerate the aging process. Over time, latex loses elasticity and tear strength. When the latex teat starts to become sticky and brittle, it is time to replace the pacifier.

How much hygiene does a pacifier need?

In the first months of life (until the end of the 3rd month), your child’s immune system is not yet fully developed and therefore special attention must be paid to hygiene. As soon as the pacifier is dropped on the floor or otherwise soiled, it must be boiled before using again. For babies older than three months, it is sufficient to clean the pacifier with hot water and detergent and boil it once a day.
In principle, a pacifier should be replaced every one to two months – even if it appears to be completely intact. If cracks or other damage appear sooner, it must also be replaced immediately. As soon as your child starts to explore his environment on his own legs, a pacifier chain can ensure that the pacifier does not fall off.

Little hint!

With our Dentistar sterilization box, you can transport a clean pacifier safely and hygienically when you are on the go. And if necessary, the pacifier can be disinfected directly in the box in a microwave and is then immediately packed safely again.

Time to say goodbye? – When?

From the second year of life, we recommend slowly weaning off the pacifier. This allows the jaw and teeth to continue to develop healthily. Here, too, each child is very individual. Some find it easy to part with their faithful companion, while others are very attached to it. If your child does not want to give up the pacifier so easily, a little support and patience will help.

Dentistar STOPPi®
A practical help for the transition to pacifier-free time is the Dentistar STOPPi®.


The pacifier tree
In many places there is also a pacifier tree. The child can visit the pacifier tree and hang his or her pacifier on one of its branches. This makes it less difficult to say goodbye.

The pacifier fairy
Your child has a wish that can be fulfilled in exchange for the pacifier from the fairy. On a predetermined day, the child places his pacifier on the windowsill in the evening. The next morning, the pacifier fairy will have exchanged the pacifier for the wish (a toy or an activity).